It’s The Moment of Truth, Maggie.

Will You Take a Lie Detector Test, Maggie Gallagher?

NOM President, Maggie Gallagher as she would appear strapped to a lie detector,
if she agrees to take a polygraph test.

We have made arrangements with the highly regarded New York City Polygraph Examiners, which has an office located very close to you in Westchester, for you to take a polygraph test. If you would prefer, they have a mobile polygraph service, and can have a paleographer administer the test right in your home.

Maggie, you claim that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) did not help establish, or give any money to your National Organization for Marriage (NOM), or to any of your other organizations or even to you personally. Let’s find out once and for all, Maggie.

Californians Against Hate will gladly pay for your lie detector test to determine the truth once and for all about whether or not the Mormon Church set up NOM as a front group, just like it has previously set up other front groups to oppose same-sex marriage around the country.

On our web site, we have documentation that shows just how the Mormon Church established “ Hawaii’s Future Today” as a Mormon front group to fight same-sex marriage in that state. It hid the full extent of its involvement in fighting same-sex marriage in Hawaii until several months ago, when we received secret Mormon documents showing just how the Mormon Church, at the very highest levels, ran and funded that campaign.

As you are well aware, the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is in the middle of an investigation of the Mormon Church, including its involvement in setting up your National Organization for Marriage — FPPC Case # 08/735.

In just two years since NOM was formed, you claim to have spent $6 million in your efforts to deny full equality to gay and lesbian Americans. Where is all that money coming from, Maggie? Who is producing all your slick commercials, paying for your polling, travel, robo calls, direct mail, PR consultants, lobbyists, Executive Director Brian Brown’s and your large salary and for all your other staff?

Why won’t you release your IRS form 990’s for 2007 and 2008 that we have repeatedly requested? This is required by federal law. Maggie, what are you hiding?

NOM funded the qualification of Proposition 8 for the California ballot to the tune of $2 million, and is now spending millions more in a failed effort to stop marriage equality in 6 Northeast states.

Maggie, You Have Lied Before.

Remember Your Bush Administration Scandal?

After 3 years, you finally were forced to tell the truth about the $41,500 you received from the George W. Bush Administration to promote its Marriage Programs and National Fatherhood Initiative. You lied about it for 3 years until the truth finally came out. You claimed that you “forgot about your contract,” which ran from January through October 2002. According to USA Today, you were forced to apologize.

Your responsibilities included drafting a magazine article for a Health and Human Services (HHS) official, overseeing the initiative, writing brochures for the program and conducting a briefing for department officials.

Do you remember when CBS Nightly News reported about your scandal? Watch the coverage here: CBS News

In columns, television appearances and interviews with newspapers such as the Washington Post, you defended Bush’s proposal for a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage. All the while, you were being paid by the Department of Heath and Human Services.
This forced President Bush to order his Cabinet secretaries not to hire columnists to promote administration policy.

Take a Lie Detector Test, Maggie!!!

We have repeatedly asked you to tell the truth about the millions of dollars in funding for your 2 year old National Organization for Marriage. You have refused.

Did the Mormon Church create and fund your National Organization for Marriage? Take the test!

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3 thoughts on “It’s The Moment of Truth, Maggie.

  1. Now do ya really think this lying bitch would ever fess up about her connections with the mormon church ?

    She cant do anything BUT lie…Just like all the other bible thumpers.

  2. Thank you for this blog. I will be sharing the link with all of my friends and family.

  3. They haven't even released their 990's yet. and I note they're not keeping up with the registration requirements for charitable donations in most of the states they registered in.

    Do we really think she'd submit to a lie detector test? I doubt it.

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