Fred Karger, Biography


Fred Karger joined the political consulting and public affairs firm, The Dolphin Group in 1977, and served as the firm’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer until his retirement in 2004. He has extensive experience in federal, state, and local politics.

In 2006, Karger founded Save the Boom!!! a grassroots campaign to save the oldest gay bar in the Western US, the landmark Boom Boom Room, and Coast Inn in Laguna Beach, CA. This got Mr. Karger active in LGBT politics.

He then started Californians Against Hate in July of 2008, which was designed to bring public attention to the major donors to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign.

Californians Against Hate has organized 4 successful boycotts of companies whose owners gave over $100,000 to Yes on 8, and settled two.

Karger is responsible for California and Maine’s investigations into financial irregularities by the Mormon Church and the National Organization for Marriage.

Karger has been very active in the community and charitable organizations in Southern California for over three decades.


Contact Fred Karger at or by telephone at 619.592.2008.