The Chino Hills Five

Our friends over at reported an interesting story on their web site recently about the curious connection between five Chino Hills donors to Yes On Proposition 8 and the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that followed the very next day. 

“Some funny stuff from the Prop 8 Donor roll. For months there haven’t been any donations from Chino Hills, and then on July 24, there were 3 donations of $5,000+.  Then on July 28, 2 more $5K+ donations.  Guess what else happened the next day? Yup, an earthquake centered in Chino Hills.  If you follow your typical right-wing logic, isn’t this the deities being enraged with Prop 8?” 

One thought on “The Chino Hills Five

  1. You guys are windy.I guess you forgot Barry Goldwater voted against the civil wrongs bill.
    Burgener was the bag man for agri business people in the Imperial Valley. Both he and Willy Brown were taken care of quite well.
    He loved Mexican slave labor.Just like the San Diego Unions Helen Copley whose step up from the secretary pool was banging old man Copley in his office. Then their is Copley Junior who was witnessed years ago lining up several bar patrons and giving them blow jobs one by one. Oh yes Pete Wilsons strange sex career to.
    I have more morality in my little finger than the San Diego establishment has in thier whole body.
    All you homosexual couples out their go ahead and get married . Be as miserable as most married heterosexual couples are.
    Mean while I must get back to important issues like agitating for revolution. Tom Metzger

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