Mega Donors From Out of State Press Coverage

News Alert October 29, 2008 Contact: Fred Karger 619-592-2008

Top Yes on 8 Donors Written Up in Home Town Papers
John Templeton, Jr. – $1 Million & Elsa Prince – $450,000

LOS ANGELES, CA – Californians Against Hate would like to share some excellent news coverage on two of the top four largest individual contributors to California’s Yes on Proposition 8 campaign. John Templeton. Jr. of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, who together with his wife contributed $1,000,000 to the campaign to take away same-sex marriage in California, were the subject of a big feature story in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer by David O’Reilly

The Templetons have given more money to take away marriage equality in a state 3,000 miles away from there’s than anyone with the exception of California’s Howard “Howie” Ahmanson of Newport Beach. These two are ranked #1 and #2 on the “Dishonor Roll” posted on Californians Against Hate web site. The “Dishonor Roll” lists all 741 contributors of $5,000 and more to the Yes on 8 campaign as of October 18th

John Templeton, Jr. of Bryn Mawr, PA

In the last week, Elsa Prince of Holland, Michigan who gave $450,000 to the Yes on 8 campaign had two big stories written about her in prominent Michigan newspapers. The first appeared in the Detroit Free Press in the paper’s leading political column, Politically Speaking on October 22nd

The story covered her mega contribution of nearly half a million dollars, and also the commercial that Californians Against Hate produced staring an Elsa Prince look-alike. The commercial was produced by John Keitel and his Shelter Productions and is appearing on Current TV. It depicts a little boy playing her grandson, who looks up innocently and asks her, “Why did you give so much money, Grandma?”

Aunt Paula playing Elsa Prince in the commercial

In yesterday’s Grand Rapids Press, there is also a feature story on Elsa Prince by Ted Roelofs

The story covers Mrs. Prince’s $450,000 contribution to Yes on 8 and her son-in-law Dick DeVos’ $100,000 contribution to Florida’s Amendment 2, which would also prohibit same-sex marriage in that state. DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos and was the unsuccessful Republican candidate for Governor of Michigan in 2006. Elsa Prince’s son, Erik is the most famous family member. Erik Prince is best know as the founder and head of Blackwater Worldwide, the highly controversial private defense firm hired by the US Government in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“These out of state mega donors sure don’t like gay marriage,” said Fred Karger, Campaign Manager of Californians Against Hate. “It seems like there are far more important causes to give their millions of dollars to instead of sending it all the way to California to hurt so many people in our state, whose only crime is wanting to get married just like they can.”

Californians Against Hate began in July of this year, and its mission is to let the world know who are the major contributors to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign.

4 thoughts on “Mega Donors From Out of State Press Coverage

  1. Prop 8 isn’t just about hate. There’s a lot of anger surrounding this last election. Something I noticed while talking to my friends is that I really didn’t know why people would vote for it. I just felt really angry at them and the outcome.

    I drove to some counties that voted in favor of prop 8 so that I could get some first hand information about why people voted for it. I conducted a few interviews and posted them to

  2. Please go on and live your life the way you choose. Everyone answers to Him in the end. This world is changing technologically, environmentally, demographically and now you want to change the fundamentals of the basic marriage sanction. This entire website just mocks a small child who is angry for not getting their way. It fumes a bratty little kid who bullies everyone because they arent happy about who they are, who they have become and who continues to radically try to take over. The right for gays to marry has been eliminated. Dont be such a sore loser. Yes, you wasted millions upon millions of dollars to try and change peoples views of homosexuallity but failed miserably. The sad part is that you lost in your very own state where homosexuals run rampant. That should tell you in bold black and white that people are not happy with that lifestyle and will fight to support One Man, One Woman. You will be prayed for and dont ever forget, no good deed goes unpunished my friend.

  3. You wrote:

    “Californians Against Hate began in July of this year, and its mission is to let the world know who are the major contributors to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign.”

    This is blatant discrimination! You are expressing, dare I say (I do, I do), a “hateful” attitude toward us small contributors to Yes on Prop 8. I know that you like to focus on the fat cats, but there were plenty of us smaller contributors who collectively made a difference.

    Shame on Californians Against (so-called) “Hate.”

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