Meet Terry Caster – $693,000 to Yes on Prop 8

Californians Against Hate Targets Mega Donor Terry Caster — The 2nd Biggest Donor In the Country

Terry Caster owns A-1 Self Storage Company A-1 Self Storage has 40 locations throughout California with over 4 million storage units. Mr. Caster and his family have contributed $693,000 to the Protect Marriage campaign. That makes the Casters the 2nd largest individual donors to Yes on Prop 8.

“This guy must really not like same-sex marriage,” said Fred Karger, Campaign Manager of Californians Against Hate in his
published blog in The Huffington Post. “Mr. Caster and many of his eight sons and daughters and their spouses have given a combined total of $693,000 to the Protect Marriage campaign between January and November 4, 2008.”

We are curious as to why Mr. Caster saw fit to contribute so much money to this campaign of fear and hate. We are asking our millions of friends and supporters all over the United States to help us by Calling Terry Caster and asking him why he and his family are so strongly against marriage equality.

Call Terry Caster at A-1 Self Storage Toll Free

Corporate Office Number: 800-219-4854 ext. 106

Customer Service Number: 800-210-8979

When you call, please be respectful and courteous to Mr. Caster and his associates. It is a free country and Terry Caster and his family have every right to contribute as much money as they want to this effort. Lots of people just want to know why.

Californians Against Hate officially kicked off its campaign to identify the major donor funders of Proposition 8 on Friday, July 18, 2008 in San Diego with a lunchtime demonstration and rally against hate. We announced our first action against one of the largest donors to qualify Prop 8, Doug Manchester, CEO of the Manchester Financial Group.

Mr. Manchester, who owns three hotels, contributed $125,000 this year to take away marriage equality in California. Californians Against Hate called for a
boycott of all three of Doug Manchester’s Hotels. They are the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Grand del Mar Resort both in San Diego and the Whitetail Club and Resort in McCall, Idaho.
We believe that the truth should be known about exactly who funded their campaign of hate.
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10 thoughts on “Meet Terry Caster – $693,000 to Yes on Prop 8

  1. Mormons, the Mormon Church and other hateful NON-RED-LETTER Christians, now in this day and age, like to choose gays and lesbians to hate and scapegoat; …and they seem to feel this evil, hurtful, hateful, non-loving expression of theirs’ are somehow moral.

    These confused, evil, ill-moral, hating Mormons and other Christians forgot and abandoned the most sacred and blessed teachings of the Bible, while believing and expressing and acting for such evil hate!

    The Bible dose speak against a man lying with a man the same as a woman (an impossible thing physically-sexually, anyway), but dose not speak against or ask for a ban on same-sex marriage, …it only speaks for marriage. Same-sex marriage has been a part of life on this planet since time was first recorded; if your church dose not want to sanction it for itself, fine; but, it is a lie (false witness) to claim same-sex marriages are something new that redefines marriage; and, it is a lie to claim that banning loving, committed same-sex persons from marrying, will somehow ‘redefine’ and ‘save marriage’, …when only a ban would redefine it and only LOVE can SAVE marriages, and us all!

    The Bible dose also speak against other things, and these should always be considered by a TRUE Christian, when considering their hate and witnessing against gays and lesbians; here are two: First, a wife must do as her husband says or orders; so, being gay or lesbian is then considered a sin or bad, like it would be bad for a wife to report or act against her husband raping their preschool children after the husband ordered his wife not to. Second, shell fish must not be eaten, and the flesh of a dead pig must not be touched; so being gay or lesbian is then considered a sin or bad, like it would be bad for a dad to throw a football (pigskin) with his son; or, like a Christian church serving a homeless person a bowl of clam chowder soup; or, like a grandmother serving her grandchildren beacon and eggs for breakfast, or a ham sandwich or and American hot dog! Being gay or lesbian then, would be considered bad like reporting and stopping child abuse, like feeding the hungry or like a dad spending quality time with his child, …sounds likes its not really bad at all!

    The Bible speaks of: ‘those of other flocks’, ‘turning the other cheek’ and ‘love’, if this is not what you and your children are learning from your church or religion, then your simply listening to the wrong and evil side! I pray for your guidance and wish you love!

    The haters like to say that they don’t want the government or judges changing the definition of marriage; but, then they spend thousands and thousands of dollars to do just that! The law suit and actions against the Mormons and others are right and just; if they want to speak freely with their actions and money, they must accept that others may do the same.

    Marriage is about bringing loving, committed couples together, it is not about discriminating against couples simply because one is or is not a man or a woman.

    ‘Same-sex marriage discrimination’ is ‘sex discrimination’; if all that is needed is for one of the persons to be another sex, that’s ‘sex discrimination’, children! Although, I’ll guess that calling it ‘gay or lesbian or homosexual’, gives ugly, evil, NON-RED-LETTER Christians a warm and cozy, false feeling or morality inside, doesn’t it, …kind of like a witch burning or a stoning or lynching, eigh!

  2. Oddly enough I was about to do business with A1 Storage, the Caster family business. I am glad I found this blog and website. I made sure to email them and let them know that I will not do business with people that support hate!

  3. I called Terry Caster to thank him for his support of Prop 8 and to encourage him in continuing to oppose same-sex “marriage.” [That should be read “same sex so-called marriage.”] I know it’s “hateful,” but you’ve got to have some fun in life.

    What happened to the homosexuals who were once so against middle class norms? They seem to have gone bourgeois, as we used to say in my 1960’s student days.

    By the way, does anyone know if AI operates in Maryland. I’d love to do business with them.

  4. I live in Virginia, and have written letters to those on the list of individuals and companies that gave money for the “yes on 8” campaign. As I see it, they reap what they sow. They should just shut up whinning. They got what they wanted!!! Now they have to suffer the consequences.

  5. Choosing to boycott a business or church is OK. Threatening it with violence is not.

    I would boycott a business that I knew opposed Prop 8. The reason they did it is probably fear of the gay “rights” lobby, not principle.

  6. I sent the following email to Mr. Manchester.

    “Dear Mr. Manchester,

    I unerstand that you have been singled out for attention by a group called, ironically, Californians Against Hate, for your financial support of Proposition 8. It seems you made their “Dishonor Roll.”

    Don’t be discouraged in the fight. I also made a contribution to support Prop 8. I only wish I could have made one as large as yours and also gotten on their Dishonor Roll.

    P.S. I complained to Californians Against Hate that I wasn’t on their Dishonor Roll. This is a blatant case of discrimination against small contributors.”

  7. I thank Mr Caster for supporting Prop 8. It should have never been necessary in the 1st place but since the gay activists saw fit to go around the will of the people the 1st time and go to the liberal courts, it became necessary. Thanks again Terry….

  8. for truth or peace, Its too bad you spend much of your long-winded letter insulting Christains and then proceed to expose your ignorance about scripture. The truth is most Christians love you and because its real love, don’t want you continue on in a high risk and unfruitful lifestyle. God, not the state, created marriage for man and woman. Its not the place of the state to redefine the word. California has Civil unions and so you have the rights as married heterosexuals. So your protest is really an attempt to force everyone into accepting and agreeing with your lifestyle. If you define who you are based on your sexual preference you will never be what God called you to be. We love you but not what you do because we know it is ultimately destructive for you.
    I pray that God will bless you ..and bring you to his love and not man’s

  9. A-1 in Mission Valley has a Billboard owned by Clear Chanel and Disney always occupies this space. I will be sending a letter to Disney’s main corporate office asking them to stop using that space.

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