Mormon Church: It’s Tearing Families Apart

Son of Prominent Yes on 8 Leader Quits Mormon Church Over Prop 8

by: Andrew Callahan

Fri Nov 14, 2008 at 11:54:02 AM EST

Matthew Lawrence, 28, of Santa Ana, California is just one of approximately 500 people who have contacted Signing for Something ( http://www.signingforsomething… )in the last few days to announce his resignation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of the Mormon Church’s handling of and involvement in the gay marriage issue. Matthew is gay and is the son of Gary Lawrence, 67, who is the “State LDS Grassroots Director” for the state of California. (See… ).

Matthew Lawrence, in an e-mail interview with this diarist, said that although he is “extremely upset and frustrated” with his family and that he has “cut off communication with them,” that “at the end of the day, I do love them.” The elder Lawrence was also the Mormon Church’s point man for the Prop 22 campaign in 2000. Matt says, “I love my family so much, but it’s hard to not take this personally. We had a brief falling-out over Prop. 22, but that got mended. But two anti-gay initiatives in eight years, it’s impossible not to feel attacked.”

2 thoughts on “Mormon Church: It’s Tearing Families Apart

  1. Anti-same-sex marriage promotion encourages and accompanies violence against gays and lesbians, the same as laws that promoted the unequal rights of blacks promoted the whippings, beatings and lynching of blacks, …the same as laws that promoted the unequal rights of Jews in Nazi Germany, promoted their mistreatment and killing, …the same as laws that promoted the unequal rights of Mormons, promoted their mistreatment and killing! WWJD!

    I love all, including the Mormons and all other religions; I hate no one! I do speak and act against hate and the promotion of, and accomplices to violence against any specific, scapegoated groups of individual people, such as against gays, lesbians or Mormons!

    But be real! If you have given money, spoken up or acted in any way to promote the passage of California’s recent Proposition 8, then you, yourself have acted as a direct or indirect accomplice to future acts of ugly mistreatment and vicious violence and murders against gays and lesbians! If you have also now spoken up or acted in general, in any way against the, in reality, very few idiots who have acted themselves with vandalism in retaliation to those who promote the future mistreatment or violence against gays and lesbians, then you, yourself have promoted, and are yourself a accomplice to acts of sick violence, murder and other ill-moral mistreatments.

    Your beliefs may guide you, sure; the same as the Nazi’s beliefs guided them, KKK members guided them, and Osama’s beliefs guided him and his believers right into the Twin Towers. Oh, and yes, now these peoples did exercise their Free Speech, now didn’t they; I guess that is a good enough excuse for them and those who promoted Proposition 8. Hiding behind beliefs that are hateful of a scapegoated general group of others, is wrong and ill-moral! WWJD!

    WWJD People! What Would Jesus Do? Certainly he would not be an outspoken accomplice to hate and violence against those of other flocks.

    Also, to compare the insignificant and civil disobedient vandalism acts against Mormon buildings, to those acts of mistreatment, violence and murder that have and will continue against gay and lesbian persons, is simply sick. Were talking buildings and structures, or insignificant jostling, in comparison to acts of harsh and significant violence or murder against American citizens, simply because they or their partner was born a man or a woman, and not the other. To speak or act against same-sex marriage is to be an accomplice to future acts of ugly violence and murder; it is hateful, sick and it is ill-moral! WWJD!

    Those idiots who have acted with vandalism and such, must also be compared to others who have acted as such, and worse, in retaliation to their groups mistreatments, such as …let me think…, …maybe Americans during the Boston Tea Party, …or Blacks and Women during the Civil Rights Movements, …or even Mormons who took the law into their own hands to protect their families and choice of Religion and life! WWJD!

    As one last point on those Mormons who speak against others violence and claim terrorism; the Mormon history is very well established as being one that committed acts of multiple and mass murders; claiming ‘terrorism’ and the like, is simply an act that promotes future violence, and is clearly an overstatement (bearing false witness), and stated as such simply promotes future acts of violence and ugly, ill-moral mistreatment.

    WWJD! Read the RED LETTERS!

  2. The Bible speaks of: ‘those of other flocks’, ‘turning the other cheek’ and ‘love’, if this is not what you and your children are learning from your church or religion, then your simply listening to the wrong and evil side! I pray for your guidance and wish you love!

    Marriage is about bringing loving, committed couples together, it is not about discriminating against couples simply because one is or is not a man or a woman.

    ‘Same-sex marriage discrimination’ is ‘sex discrimination’; if all that is needed is for one of the persons to be another sex, that’s ‘sex discrimination’, children! Although, I’ll guess that calling it ‘gay or lesbian or homosexual’, gives ugly, evil, NON-RED-LETTER Christians a warm and cozy, false feeling or morality inside, doesn’t it, …kind of like a witch burning or a stoning or lynching, eigh!

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