Statement by Fred Karger on Supreme Court Ruling & The Future

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We are deeply disappointed with today’s majority decision issued by the California Supreme Court. As the county moves forward on gay and lesbian equality, our Supreme Court took a giant step backwards.

One year ago the California Supreme Court showed great courage and conviction in recognizing equal protection for all. Now we must regain marriage equality, and immediately go back on the ballot to repeal Proposition 8.

Next year we will win back our rights.

Until that time, Californians Against Hate will continue to closely watch all who oppose our civil rights. We will be a watchdog for our community.

We will carefully monitor and take action against those who bully us and spend vast sums of money against us. Individuals and organizations who give millions of dollars to deny our full civil rights will be held accountable.

Over the last 10 years, our opponents have beaten us at the ballot box in 30 out of 30 states. Now we are aggressively fighting back. Same-sex marriage is now legal in 5 states, and more will follow soon, including California.

During the next election cycle, Californians Against Hate will closely scrutinize our opponents, carefully review their campaign reports and make sure that all who oppose our civil rights are abiding by California Election Law. All major donors must disclose their full financial support, be it monetary or non-monetary. Owners and principals of businesses must fully comply with the law. No hiding behind spouses or listing false occupations and information when reporting contributions. We will be watching very carefully.

We have also begun looking into the principal organizations and their leaders who qualified and funded Proposition 8. These include the National Organization for Marriage, Focus on the Family and the American Family Association They continually spend millions of dollars to try and prevent us from full equality.

We live in a country that was founded with the express belief that “all men and women are created equal.” We will fight for that inalienable right so that future generations never, ever have to experience discrimination.

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4 thoughts on “Statement by Fred Karger on Supreme Court Ruling & The Future

  1. It was never your right to begin with; one cannot win back that which one never had. I wish you the best of luck but will be here to play the Nelson Muntz when you have reason again to wail and gnash your teeth about the inconvenience of democracy.

  2. Californians Against “Hate” is just another attempt of left wingers to portray themselves as victims. And as we know, in America today, being a victim is the road to the moral high ground. (See Ann Coulter’s latest book, Guilty.)

    Meanwhile, Californians Against “Hate” will be trying to badger, intimidate, and harass their opponents. It didn’t work in November, it didn’t work with Miss California, and it won’t work this time. I guess I’ll have to get out my checkbook to contribute against another mindless liberal cause.

    Say, just one question. Who was the idiot who voted to overturn the verdict of the voters?

  3. Wrong mr. moore.

    Equality belongs to all of us irregardless of our sexual orientation as well it should.

    People like you who have fought against equality for all will fail in this just as you have failed to deny equality to other minorities…Its just a matter of time.

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